Remote Monitoring & Management Solution

Companies who own heavy equipment lost $2.8B in 2015 due to unskilled technicians. The NICB reports "83% of heavy equipment owners suffer from the $1B annual problem of theft where only 23% were recovered. We understand these problems and give you real time access to your equipment. On average, our clients decrease their operational expenditures by 28%.

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Main Features

  • Client Management Icon

    Client Management

    Invite your clients for a free client account. Your clients can view the equipment they have on rent.

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    Equipment Management

    Input unlimited equipment, keep it organized by categories and models. Add custom fields to detail your inventory.

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    You may add multiple region and stores. Each region can have multiple branches.

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    M2M Device

    GPS, engine run time, fuel %, lights on/off, battery voltage, current sensing, etc. for preventative maintenance.

  • Multi-User Icon


    Add multiple users within each branch and assign different permissions depending on their role.

  • Invoicing Icon


    Well integrated invoicing system. Short and long term rentals are easy to invoice.


What our Customers are Saying

  • Rovitracker has saved our company from losing equipment from job sites and accurately confirms rental days. Two great features are the GPS real time Google map locator and my favorite, real time spread sheet days on site chart that makes invoicing easy and accurate. Rovitracker is really great for recording maintenance and service data. Makes my work so much easier. No other service compares.

    Ross Johnson - Owner and President - MobiOn Australia

  • By utilizing the latest in technology we are delivering a light tower that reduces operational costs and emissions by nearly 90%. An integral part of our ability to utilize the Hybrid light tower is RoviTracker. It's a huge value add to our clients because they can view engine run time, solar charge, fuel level, cab temperature and of course and GPS locaiton without having to drive to the site.

    Justin Burnett - CEO - Mobilight International, Inc.

  • Since I've started using RoviTracker, it has allowed me to save time and money on billing. It has allowed me to track on the go and assure that every piece of equipment is accounted for.

    Danny Morton - Owner and President - Blackout Energy Services, Inc.

  • The RoviTracker gps system installed on our hybrid light towers has created positive enhancements to our core business. This has enabled our company to save money and labor costs that has been reinvested back into the business to buy more light towers. RoviTracker is indispensable in its ability to generate invoices, reports, and track in real time our light towers. We have tried other gps remote systems, and nothing compares to RoviTracker in its robust features and reporting. RoviTracker is the leader in the industry, and everyone who uses it will be very pleased.

    Chris Neeld - CEO - SCS Lights